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Learn to swim

From Tiny Tots...
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Free trial class for all new swimmers
Free Trials for all new swimmers!
Learn to swim

TERM 2 2024 starts Monday April 15th

Swimming Pool

July 2024 Holiday Program

Bookings open in June




For children aged 6 months to 3 years, we offer a range of age-specific Parent & Child classes to start your learning experience at Mt Martha.

Our comprehensive infant aquatic program develops your babies comfort and skills in the water while equipping you with the technique to correctly hold them and initiate their swims. The infant program is designed to help young swimmers become mobile in the water.

This is achieved by instructing you to assist your child with body position exercises, basic motor skills like kicking & paddling, submersion and floating techniques. It also presents a great chance to bond with your child in a safe and comfortable environment. Don’t miss the opportunity to forge some great memories.

Parent child classes are run only at Kiddieswim Mt Martha. We do not offer lessons for this age group at Mornington.

Infant swimming lessons available from 6 months of age

Learn to swim


The Kiddieswim program is designed to take beginner swimmers to competency in a fast and effective manner. With gradual skill progressions and level specific content, your child will be given every opportunity to be all the can in the water.

Catering for children from 3 years of age, the learn-to-swim program allows swimmers the time and space to extend themselves to a higher standard. Aided by Austswim qualified and experienced teachers, your children will receive constant feedback and encouragement to help them along the way.

Swimming Boy
Squad swimming man

Swim Squad


Our pool is home to the Peninsula Hurricanes Swimming Club .

The Hurricanes cater for advanced swimmers who display competency in all strokes and a desire to compete in swimming.

The club has a structured progression for swimmers and offers a variety of training programs ranging from 3-8 sessions per week. For State and National swimmers there is also a dry-land stream offered to help develop core & muscle strength, general fitness and aerobic capacity.

Whether your goal is school swimming champ or success on the national stage, the Peninsula Hurricanes will help you get there.

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Free Trials for all new swimmers
Free Trials for all new swimmers!
swim ring

Kiddieswim Australia is a Child Safe Organisation, and committed to the well-being and safety of all patrons from diverse backgrounds. We are dedicated to the fair and equitable treatment of children from harm or abuse and will actively protect the safety of children in the wider community. Kiddieswim are committed to continual improvement, and if there is something we could be doing better we would like to hear from you.

62 Forest Drive, Mt Martha
Mornington Secondary College, 1051 Nepean Hwy, Mornington
 Tel: 03 5974 3400
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